Safic-Alcan Nordic have the most complete range of rubbers, polymers, chemicals, fillers  for the rubber industry.
Togheter with a large competence from our wide range of suppliers, the experienced team from Safic-Alcan Nordic can bring you a solution to almost all kinds of problems.


Safic-Alcan has a wide range of different plastic polymers.

Coatings & Ink

Safic-Alcan Nordic distribute raw materials for the coating industry. We offer a broad range of performance polymers and speciality chemicals suitable for the manufacture of coated products with excellent thermal properties and very good chemical resistance.

Cable & Wire

Safic-Alcan Nordica have a complete range of materials for the wire and cable industry.


Safic-Alcan Nordic offer polymers, chemicals, fillers and machinery to the adhesive industry. We offer a broad range of products with outstanding characteristics to meet the changing demands of the adhesive market, whether used in automotive, construction, furniture manufacturing, or footwear applications.

construction & Infrastructure

Safic-Alcan Nordica have a complete range of materials for construction and infrastructure industry.

Pur & Thermosets

Safic-Alcan Nordica have a complete range of materials for PUR & Thermosets industry.

Safic-Alcan Nordic is a distributor and business agent specialised on the Nordic elastomeric  polymer industry


  • Geografical presence
    Sales representative  in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Baltikum
  • Repacking possibiilties
    Packaging that suits your production
  • Dangerous Goods
    Our warehouse are capable to handle dangerous goods
  • Locals warehouses
    Short lead time with strategic placed warehouses
  • Customized products
    Tailored made products
  • ISO Certified
    ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Private labeling
    Labeling upon your demand

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